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March 12, 2015
On March 9, Andy Draus, a computer programmer from the local hospital, came to speak with the students about computer programming as a career. It was very informative. Then he stayed to see our Scratch projects. Then he even stayed to watch the after school Lego Robotics club work. He was so impressed by fourth graders' skills in programming at their young age.


Scratch is a website where the students learn some computer programming skills. This site was developed by engineers at M.I.T. The site allows the students to program characters to perform tasks. It further develops logical and sequential thinking along with problem solving but there are also many opportunities to be creative. The task was to present a positive message in an eyecatching manner. It is our Public Service Announcements.

The students' names are next to the projects they have created. We would love for you to read and comment about our work. Generally, if a green flag appears at the beginning of the project, you click on the green flag to start the program. Enjoy! EVA ZANE GAGE GRACE ZOEY MADDIE KANE NICK BROOKE KENZIE NITA ETHAN ELLA LIAHNA PAUL TY LAYNE

Helpful websites: a Scratch resource site for teachers videos from my UNI Scratch workshop