Our Notable Week is March19-23. Special events will be occurring each. We have two events which are open the the public. Our Notable parade is March. 20 at 2:30. Our Open House is March 22 from 5:30-6:30 in the elementary gym. We hope you can attend.

Our notables! What a wonderful job they did in our parade and in our presentations today! I am so proud of them all!! The teachers of the classrooms where they shared had so many positive comments about their presentations!

Notables for the 2017-18 school year
Abigail Adams-Brooklyn
Neil Armstrong-Braxton
Clara Barton- Clara
Louis Braille - Easton
Ruby Bridges- Camryn S.
Ole Kirk Christiansen- Josh L.
Hillary Clinton- Jillian
Walt Disney - Tyson
Ameila Earhart- Sadie
Thomas Edison- Elliot
Albert Einstein-Kylr
Anne Frank- Josie
Ben Franklin- Josh H.
Henry Ford- Harper
Mahatma Gandhi- Wes
Jane Goodall-Avery
Mia Hamm- Calie
Michael Jordan-Ty
Helen Keller- Maddie S.
James Lovell- Kamryn C
Martin Luther King, Jr.- Braden
Florence Nightingale- Hayzel
Eunice Kennedy - Jayda
John F. Kennedy- Mason
Henrietta Swan Leavitt- Lucy
Abraham Lincoln- Bently
Rosa Parks- Janae
Pocahontas- Ayden
Princess Diana - Zoey
Eleanor Roosevelt- Olivia
Sacagewa - Lily
Harriet Tubman-Kady
George Washington-Bobby
Oprah Winfrey- Sydney
Wilbur Wright- Olyver

My email: skennedy@camanchecsd.org You can email me documents for Night of the Notables and I can print them.

If you have google, you can share your document to my email address and I can print them, also

We are a little behind my estimated schedule. So the due dates are changed. Please check here for the most recent due dates.

Timeline for Night of the Notable:

Notes for the biography are due
Inventions your notable could use is due
Feb. 15 Typed biography due
Notable's quote and what it means to you is due
Mar. 1Powerpoint is due
Comparison between yourself and your notable is due
Mar. 13 Display board is due
Mar. 13 Plan for clothes and food is due
Mar. 16 Everything should be done.
Mar. 19-23 Notable week. The students will be presenting and will need their notable clothes during school.
March 20 2:30 Notables on parade. Families are welcome to come to our parade. We will parade around the inside of the school. All students attending Camanche Elementary are invited to participate in the parade.
Mar. 22 5:30-6:30 Open House in the gym. This is when the students bring their notable food. This event is for families and friends to attend so everyone can learn from our notable experts.

Due dates are subject to change. It is fine to work ahead since the directions for most of the activities are in the students' folders or on this web page.

A Notable is a person who has done some good things for our world. It doesn't have anything to do with being famous. It has everything to do with being a leader and doing something beneficial for others. A notable person might have solved an important problem, might be a trailblazer in an area such as the first person who... or might be someone who is outstanding in his/her field of interest. Since one of my objectives for this unit is to improve research skills, the notable must be someone the students can research on the internet and/or books.

Each student studies a different notable. No partners for this.

Biography notes:


powerpoint planning sheet:

Notable person’s quote and its meaning due:

Comparison between self and Notable person:

Poetry format:


Display board requirements:

Display board due. Students can use their own display boards or they may borrow one from the school. I have paper they can use and tracing letters to use.

It's nice to bring items connected to your notable for the table by your display board. You could bring items that your notable might use like sports equipment. Small flags work well for political leaders. You could bring in items connected with your notable's hobbies. If someone's notable was President Obama, a basketball would be a great item to bring. A U.S. map of that states where your notable lived would be good.

Clothing and food ideas:
Please avoid using peanuts in the food or drink as there are students with nut allergies.

Clothes can be very simple. This is not a contest. If your notable wears a uniform, it would be wonderful to have a uniform like that. However, a t-shirt with the name of the sports team or organization would work well. Probably your notable wears t-shirts and jeans when he/she is not at work. Often the dollar stores have tiaras and faux jewelry if your notable wears those items.

For this unit, I'd like the students to provide their own 1" or 2" binder. I will put all the necessary papers in the binders at the begining of the unit. Folders don't seem to handle the daily wear and tear very well. The binders will be sturdier.

It is fine to work ahead of this timeline. The directions for most activities are in the Night of the Notables folders. These due dates are my best estimate and they may be adjusted as the unit progresses.

https://www.kiddle.co This is a good place to do research also.

http://mrnussbaum.com/bio2/ biography site for students

Here are some helpful websites for your Notable to use while researching.
http://www.iowaaeaonline.org/ username: 0936cames pass: mbaea9


http://gardenofpraise.com/leaders.htm another source of biographies

www.ducksters.com/biography/ more biographies

http://www.pics4learning.com/ a free source of photos that are ready for students to use in projects.

http://collections.si.edu/search/ another source of pictures. These are from the Smithsonian Institution.

www.classtools.net/breakingnews/ breaking news generator

http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp newspaper clipping image generator