The Hydro Heroes did great. I use Remind to communicate with the participants and families. We won the Judges Award. We were the only 4th grade team participating. We were in 6th place out of 24 in the robot games. We are so proud of what we learned and accomplished.


On your mark, get set, flow!
Drink in the 2017/2018 HYDRO DYNAMICSSM season and learn all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. In the 2017/2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students age 9 to 16* from 80 countries will make a splash with HYDRO DYNAMICS. What might become possible when we understand what happens to our water?

We will practice 2x a week from the beginning of the school until our regional event. Generally, the regional event is in December at the Putnam Museum. It is usually held on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Dec. 11
What a wonderful job the Sea Savers did at our competition.! I am so proud of them. Not many fourth graders can program a robot successfully, have to perform timed robot missions in front of hundreds of spectators in front of a timer and answer questions from various judges over their robot, their project, and their core values. Yet, our Camanche kids did! Hooray! We even managed to have a little fun along the way. What a great day!

The following are a few silly photos we took in school with our adorable costumes!
I will send a poised group photo home with each of my Lego Leaguers that has a comment or two on the back sometime this week.







Lego 3.jpg

Lego 4 copy.jpg

Lego 6.JPG

Lego 7.JPG

Dec. 1

The school suburban leaves at 6:45 AM from the elementary school. Lego Leaguers need to wear their team shirts and bring snacks for the day. I like the students to travel as a team to the event. If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know and we can meet you at the Putnam Museum.
9:00 Opening Ceremony in the Grand Lobby of the Putnam.
We compete 6 times during the day. We have 3 robot matches, 1 presentation, 1 robot judging, and 1 core values judging.
4:00 Closing Ceremony at the Grand Lobby of the Putnam.

I am still waiting for the lunch option information.

No afterschool Lego League practice on Tuesday, Dec. 6

Nov. 22
Here's our script. version #4

Nov. 7
We do not have Lego League practice on Thursday, Nov. 9, due to Parent-Teacher Conferences. The following week we will have two special speakers. They are Dustin and Alyssa, engineers from CustomPak. They will tell us about engineering at their business. Then, after Thanksgiving break, we will go on a field trip to CustomPak and get a wonderful tour of the engineering portion of the facility. It's a great learning opportunity.

We will be getting our shirt design finalized soon.

Today a Lego League coach from a different school district is coming to learn about Lego League from us. She is also a gifted education teacher in her school district and she is coming for the afternoon to get some ideas on how to manage a gifted education program .

Oct. 9
Our field trip is the afternoon of Oct. 18. We are going to Jewel-Osco to survey shoppers about using recyclable bags. Jewel is donating bags to our cause. We appreciate their support. I am encouraging the students to wear Camanche shirts or shirts that are blue or shirts that are red.

Our tournament will be Dec. 11 at the Putnam Museum. If you scroll down this page you can see some of last year's schedule. I am guessing this year our schedule will be very similar. I won't know until much closer to December. We will travel to the tournament as a team on a school bus. Parents can pick up their children after we are done for the day. There is an awards ceremony which you will probably want to stay for.

Sept. 24, 2016
We have an idea for our project. Check with your favorite Lego Leaguer. We have a few missions done and more in the development stage. Things are coming along nicely. I am thrilled.

Aug. 24, 2016
We are going to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Our practices will last until 4:00. After practice we will dismiss from the door by the elementary school gym. Please park in that parking lot to pick up your child. Then we can see from my classroom window whose cars are in the lot.

July 6, 2016
Lego League will start the first week of school. I will be sending notes to the students I would like to be on the Lego League team so I can meet with the students and their parent(s) during Intake Conferences. There is a limited number of students on a team.

I am looking forward to an educational, challenging, and fun season.

Here's a link so you can read about Lego League. I think it is a great program.

This year our theme is called Animal Allies. The specific challenge won't be released until late August. Our team's registration and some materials needed for the year were paid by John Deere. Please thank any John Deere employees that you know. We greatly appreciate their support.

We will have Lego League team practices during the school day twice a week. The students also have the option of staying after school once a week for practice. I won't be able to determine which days we will have practice until I find out which days I have after school duty. However, I will know by Intake Conferences so, if you have a Lego Leaguer, please visit me during Intake Conferences.

external image animal-allies-logo-color1.jpg




Dec. 29
What a wonderful season we had. In our tournament we did break the 200 point mark which was exciting.
I am very proud of the team and all that we learned. The kids were hard workers. They have 4 more years to be Lego Leaguers so next year will be easier.
State Senator Rita Hart was so impressed with the Lego Leaguers both in what they shared with her about composting and in their programming skills. She also really liked their team shirts. It was a nice visit.

rita and the worms.jpg

team spirit.jpg

Dec. 6
Upcoming key events:
Dec. 7 Wear team shirts because we are doing presentations for other classes.
Dec. 8 Wear team shirts because we are doing presentations for other classes. The whole team can stay after school until 3:45 for practice.
Dec. 11 The whole team (if possible) can stay until 3:45 for our last practice.
Dec. 13 Wear team shirts because it's finally our regional event! The suburban leaves at 6:45 AM from our elementary school. Kids can bring snacks and drinks to consume in our pit area.
6:45-The school suburban leaves that from the school. We need to get to the Putnam Museum and check in.
9:00- Opening Ceremony begins
9:30- Judging begins.
12:15-1:00 lunch break
1:00- judging resumes
3:45- Closing ceremonies begin
5:00- We hope to be back at Camanche Elementary School
Dec. 15 Wear team shirt because State Senator Rita Hart is coming to class to hear the Jr. Lego Leaguers and Lego Leaguers give their presentations and see their projects.

Pizza ordering form:

It would be great if you could bring a team snack or drink on Dec. 13. A day like this one puts all the Lego Leaguers in a munching mood. It's appreciated if the snacks and/or drinks aren't messy since we will be performing throughout the day.

You may take your child anytime after we are done with the robot missions. It would be nice it your fourth grader could stay through the awards ceremony. If you are taking your child, I have a little form for you to sign. I don't want any Lego Leaguer left at the Putnam because I thought a parent had the child and the parent thought I had the child.

There are 32 teams attending on Sunday. Only 6 will advance to state. The teams can be composed of students in grades 4-8 so we will be one of the younger teams. Some years we have been the only fourth grade team. We are excited and proud to be competing with the older students. We have learned a lot and I am very proud of the learning the students did, no matter how we place in the final standings.

If your child stays in Lego League, he/she will be competing in this age division for 4 more years. The students on my very first Lego Legue team are currently in eighth grade and they are still in this age division. This is their fourth year of competing so the older, more experienced students have quite an advantage. However, everyone has to start somewhere and we had a terrific start.

Nov. 28 Our Composting Crusaders:

Nov. 18
Our team shirts are in and looking great! We are looking forward to wearing them and hope you do also.
The Lego Leaguers need to wear their team shirts on Dec. 7 and 8 since those are the days we are performing for other students.
Some information has been released about our competition on Dec. 13.
6:45-The school suburban leaves that from the school. We need to get to the Putnam Museum and check in.
9:00- Opening Ceremony begins
9:30- Judging begins.
12:15-1:00 lunch break
1:00- judging resumes
3:45- Closing ceremonies begin
5:00- We hope to be back at Camanche Elementary School

The Lego Leaguers need to wear their team shirt to the competition. Closer to Dec. 13 you can let me know if your Lego Leaguer is traveling to the Putnam with me in the school suburban or if you are bringing him/her to the Putnam. On the day of the competition, please let me know if your Lego Leaguer is returning to Camanche in the school suburban or if you are taking him/her after the competition. I will have a little form for you to sign.

In previous years, we’ve had a pizza party at the Putnam for the lunch break. The Camanche Elementary School robotics program has paid for pizza for the team and families have purchased their own pizza. There was a delivery option which usually worked well. When that option is presented this year, I’ll let you know.

Nov. 5, 2015
Our script:

II have indicated who is suppose to talk for each paragraph. The Lego Leaguers decided who was responsible for each paragraph. The students will have a visual to show the judges and they can put their speech on the back of their visual. However, they still need to know their speech so they can speak expressively instead of just reading the script.

shirt design
composting crusaders front-2.jpg

composting crusaders back JD.jpg

Our composting bin


Oct. 20, 2015

Our regional event is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 13 at the Putnam Museum. I will drive a school suburban with the team to the Putnam Museum. My best guess is that we will probably leave around 7:00 but that time will be determined once I know when we need to be at the Putnam. The event will probably last until 4:00. Then the Recycling Robots team members can return to school in the suburban with me or leave with their family members.

If team members are leaving with their family, I have a little form for you to sign. I don't want anyone left because their is miscommunication about who is taking the Lego Leaguer to Camanche.

The students have been designing our team shirt now that we have a team name. Within the next week we plan to have the shirt designed finalized and sent to Adcraft. Families will have the opportunity to order shirts like the team shirt. Camanche Elementary School's robotics program will pay for the team members' shirts. That money comes from summer camp fees and money raised from An Evening with the Robots.

We have our project in its initial stages. For our project we have to do something related to the problem of the ever increasing amount of garbage. One way to reduce to amount of garbage in a landfill is to put fewer items in the landfill. We decided to take leftover food scraps and compost them. Then we can turn the food garbage into nutrients for the soil. We now have a composting bin. Once our bin is installed in its new home near my classroom window, we can start filling it up. We learned a little about composting when we went our field trip to the landfill. We have much more to learn so we have a composting expert scheduled to speak with us later in October. When I find some good resources, the students will be expected to gather more information. If you know anything about composting or know a good resource on this topic, please let me know.

We have several missions running well and a few more in the development stage.

Oct. 2.

We have a couple of missions done. We are starting to work on the project component after our field trip and speaker. Feel free to help your child think about something we could do the lessen the trash problems of our world or how we could better recycle specific items.

Sept. 21, 2015
I am looking forward to an interesting and fun season with our focus on Trash Trek.
See our challenge when you select the link below.
Our theme this year is From Trash to Treasure so we are going on a field trip to a

place that has a lot of trash! We are visiting the Clinton County Landfill on Monday, Oct.

5 in the afternoon. Both the Jr. Lego Leaguers and the Lego Leaguers are attending so

we will be taking a bus and Brad Seward, Director of Operations and Education, will be

sharing some of his knowledge with us.

On Oct. 7 Mr. Seward is coming to my classroom to share more information.

Here are the dates my Tuesday crew will not have practice on Tuesdays because I will not be at school or we have parent-teacher conferences
Oct. 6. We will have practice on Oct. 5 instead.
Oct. 20. We will have practice on Oct. 23 instead.
Nov. 17 We will have practice on Nov. 20 instead.
Nov. 24 we will not have practice.

At the website, select For Students (listed on left column). Then go to events- junior high.
I hope to see some of the team Saturday morning at the Putnam.

This is our new robot to be. I wonder how many hours it will take to take these pieces and turn them into a functioning robot.
Jan. 19
Here's a link to photos from our Regional event!

Link to 2014 Quad City FLL Event Pictures and Result

History of Camanche Elementary School Lego League:
2015-16. We won the Team Spirit Award. The judges were so impressed with how many people we share our composting results with. We let many people know how easy composting is by sharing our results with the whole school, State Senator Rita Hart, and via our video that we shared with the Clinton County Landfill. Our name was: Composting Crusaders. It was a great season for: Kennedy, Josh, Trey, Jeremy, Ellie, and Rece.
2014-2015. We earned 7th place at the Regional event. Hooray for Gage, Zane, Ty, Ethan, Paul, Eva, Maddie, Kenzie, Zoe, and Brooke! Our challenge was to improve our school's learning environment. We researched types of furnishings a room could have to help students regain their sense of calm since rising student anger is becoming a bigger problem in schools. We shared our presentation with the school board and with some area guidance counselors who helped us with our project.
2013-2014. Our team won the Core Values category at the Quad Cities Regional! Horray for Eric, Emily, Rubie, Allison, Owen, Bryghton, Michael, Danika, Jamie, and Kaitlin. Our project was to develop a Tsunami Survival Kit for tourists. We learned a lot from a tsunami survivor. Our team name was Disaster Blasters. We received a new EV3 robot thanks to LyondellBasel and developed the fundraiser: An Evening with the Robots. S.T.A.R.R. is the name of our EV3.
2012-2013 Our team won the category of Best Mechanical Design at the Quad Cities Regional. We went to State and placed in the top third. Horray for: Bella, Madison, Sean, Christopher, Nick, Cade, Zayne, Emma, Zach and Riley. Our mentor was Kevin Stanley from LyondellBasel. Our robot's name was S.H.I.N.E. Our project was designing inventions to help senior citizens.
2011-2012. Our inaugural team. We won the category for Best New Team at Regionals. We won the Judge's Choice at State. Horray for Ann, Skyler, Jay, Ressa, Caleb, Vincent, Evan, Allison, Markee, and Tienna. Tobor was our robot. Jeff Raab was our mentor.