There will not be a Culture Fair this year (2017-18). Instead we will be studying Notable people. Please see the Night of the Notables tab to learn more about that program.

I am so proud of the Culture Fair students! They did such a terrific job in their presentations, the parade, and during our Open House. They presented to several classrooms including their own. We had 108 students in the school wide parade. We had approximately 200 visitors at our Open House. Thank you for your support.

The display boards will be at the Camanche Public Library until May 5.

It is nearly time for our special week. It’s so exciting!!

On Tuesday, April 18, the students will be practicing their presentations with their display board, powerpoint, and report. They need to have whatever clothes they are wearing for their presentation at school, also. They can leave their presentation clothes in my classroom for the rest of the week.

On Wednesday, April 19 at 8:30 is our school wide parade. This is open to all students who wear or bring items related to another country. The Culture Fair students will be in the parade dressed in their presentation clothes and carrying their display board. They may have a friend carry any additional items. Families may come to watch the parade if they want. Students will also be giving their presentation to a classroom or two today.

On Thursday, April 20, the Culture Fair students will be giving a presentation or two. Our Open House is 5:30-6:30 in the school gym.Please enter the building through the doors by the gym. Students need to be back at school by 5:15 with their presentation clothes and their food or drink related to their country. They need to set up their display board and items in the gym on their designated table.

On Friday, April 21, the Culture Fair students will be giving more presentations. After their last presentation, they can take their presentation clothes home. I will take the display boards to the Camanche Public Library where they will be on display for 2 weeks. Then I will return the boards to the students.

It will be a wonderful and memorable week! Thank you for your support!

We have guest speakers scheduled who will teach us about The Philippines, Egypt, and Suriname. We are looking forward to learning more about life in those countries.

Due dates:

March 27-Typed report due
April 6 (fourth grade) or April 7 (third grade) Powerpoint due
April 10 Display boards are due.
April 11. Clothes and food ideas are due.
April 18-20 Presentations to other classrooms.
April 19 at 8:30 is the school wide Culture Fair parade.
April 20 5:30-6:30 is the Open House in the gym.
April 21- May 5. Culture Fair display boards on display at the Camanche Public LIbrary.
May 8 Display boards returned to the students.

Here are the countries that have been reserved by various students. It is fine for students to change their country. Sometimes after a person starts researching a country of interest, a person finds a different country to be more appealing.

Austria- Mallory
Bahamas- Clara
Chile- Brock
Costa Rica-Ty
Denmark- Matthew
England- Cianna
Ethiopia- Josie
Greece- Brooklyn
Greenland-Isaac M.
Jamaica- Ian
Kazakhstan-Ethan C
Luxembourg-Josh H.
Mexico- Isaac B.
New Zealand-Tyson
Russia- Cameron D.
South Korea-Emmy
Sweden-Josh M
The Netherlands-Josh L



New Zealand has the cutest envelope. All that mail arrived in one day. Alexus (Australia) and Rece (Taiwan) have received the most items so far.

Videos related to our topic school lunches around the world children's room around the world If the World Were a Village If the World Were 100 People

Papers needed:

Powerpoint planning sheet


income for your country

Costume ideas and food ideas form. Your child will probably find out that in most countries children dress in a manner that is pretty similar to the way children in the US dress. If shorts and t-shirts are common clothes in your child's country, then shorts and t-shirts are great to wear during the Public Viewing event and during presentations. If your child wants to wear clothes from their country's past, that is fine also, as long as your child explains that he/she is wearing clothes similiar to what people used to wear in that country but now kids wear the same types of clothes that kids wear in the US.

display board requirements


Resources: countries of the world countries of the world

World Atlas of Maps, Flags, and Geography facts. This also has a currency converter.

Information about countries This has ideas for clothes and food for various countries.

Embassies in Washington, D.C. The students are to write an email to an embassy of the country they are studying. They will write their letter in a google doc and share the letter with me via google doc. I will forward the letter to the embassy using my school email address. That way there is no direct contact between the students and embassy members. travelling through various countries

translation website

disposable income for people in various countries Select CultureGrams
user: 0936cames
password: mbaea9
Start with the kids edition. You may want to visit the World Edition but lots of information is in the kids edition.

If the world was a village of 100 people

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