Dec. 27, 2018

We had a terrific chess unit. The kids enjoyed the unit. I hope to offer an after school chess club in the spring.

Oct. 14

Chess for 4th graders will be starting later this month.

March 12
We will be starting chess club next week. We have Chess class 2x a week. Our chess mentor, Mr. Schmidt, will attend most of our chess classes as his schedule allows. Chess Club will meet Tuesdays after school. A student needs to have a signed permission slip to be in the after school chess club.

April 12
Our remaining days of after school Chess Club are:
April 16 and May 14.

We do not have Chess Club on April 23 because I'll be at the World Expo with my Jr. Lego Leaguers.
We do not have Chess Club on April 30 because most of my Chess Club members will be getting ready for the Culture Fair which begins at 5:30 that evening. I will also be getting ready for the event.
We do not have Chess Club on May 7 because I will be gone from school that afternoon.
Our school year is flying by. Chess Club is very fun. I hope the students continue playing chess even when they are done with fourth grade.

Feb. 26
Some of our chess players.


Feb. 8, 2015
Chess Club starts this week. We meet on Thursday. Chess class will be ending soon because we need to get started on our Culture Fair projects. Chess Club will meet in Feb. and March on Thursdays until 3:45. Near the end of March, I'll hand out new sign up forms for April and May Chess Club. By April, spring sports will be practicing after school and so the chess club members may have schedule changes. All 14 members of our chess class signed up for Chess Club! How terrific that is.
We will meet On Thursday, Feb. 12, Feb. 19, March 5, March 12, March 19, and March 26.

Feb. 26 we will not meet due to Parent-Teacher conferences.

Jan. 7, 2015
Chess is starting Jan. 8. Mr. Larry Schmidt is our special chess expert who will be attending many of our classes. There will be 14 students in the class since I have 7 chess sets.

In later Febrary or early March, I will start a chess club which meets once a week after school. It will probably meet on Thursdays from 3:15-3:45. This club will be open to students who are in chess class and to students who know how to play chess. However, there are a limited number of spots available based on the number of chess sets I have. Students will need to get a permission slip signed for this club and it will meet for a set number of weeks. Then there will be a new sign up form because the membership might change depending on students' spring sports practice schedules.

The following are some of the reasons why I am having the students learn chess as part of my program: Studies have found that chess enhances creativity, concentration, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and memory if students play consistently over a period of time. There are free chess apps available for many devices so people can play against a computer. Chess sets are available at area department stores or on line.

Oct. 26, 2014
Chess will start in the winter. It will be offered during the fourth grade Insights class time. Mrs. Kennedy is pondering starting an after school chess club sometime after the Lego League season is over. It would meet twice a month so if you are interested please let her know. This group will be limited by the number of chess sets we have but is not limited to only fourth graders.

March 2, 2014.
The fourth graders started a Chess unit. We have 14 students since I have 7 chess sets. We'll meet 4 times in February. Then we won't meet much in March or April due to Battle of the Books and Night of the Notables. We will meet a few more times in May.

Mr. Larry Schmidt, a retired teacher from a different school district, is volunteering in my classroom for this unit. He is quite a skilled chess player who is eager to share his knowledge with chess players who are ready to learn a few advanced strategies.

Hopefully the students will be able to play a few games of chess outside of school. Many of the students are playing on their ipods, parents' phones and computers. That is terrific. There are some great free iPad apps for Chess. We use Chess Free in class. The advantage of using an iPad app is that it won't let you make an illegal move so you learn the right moves for each piece.

The Children's Discovery Center in Clinton has time set aside on Sunday afternoons for kids to play chess under the guidance of a retired teacher. That time will be moving to Wednesday afternoons soon. Their Chess Club is a drop in format. There is a small fee to attend the Discovery Center.

Thanks to the generosity of 3 Camanche Elementary School families, we have some new chess sets! We greatly appreciate the donations from Matthew Dunlay and his family, Eric Kinkaid and his family, along with Dan Srp and his family.



Our focused chess students with Mr. Schmidt offering suggestions as needed. Each class period he teaches us one new strategy and then we have time to play a game or part of a game. All students started on an iPad. Once they were comfortable with the moves each chess piece could make, that student could graduate to a regular chess board. Starting the last week in February everyone will use a regular chess set.