Dec. 27, 2017
There doesn't seem to be time in the second grade schedule or time in my schedule for this group to meet regularly since I am teaching 12 different classes and approximately 28% of the students in our school. So I am incorporating more challenge math objectives into our second grade Insights curriculum.

This unit will start when the 2nd grade teachers feel it is needed. It may take awhile for the 2nd grade teachers to determine which students need the additional challenge in math that this group will provide.

Feb. 8
We started the 2nd grade math challenge group. We meet on Wednesdays. We are working on solving story problems. section.
Go to the link and sign in with your password.

March 8
We are programming! We use and we used a spiro-ball.

This is what the programming code looks like. This is similar to the codes used in Scratch.

Feb. 9, 2015

Our award winning Sumdog team. #1 out of 67 teams!!



Jan. 7, 2015

We are still doing our Bedtime math regularly. If we have time at the end of the class, the students cand do ALEKS or sumdog. Most are making great progress on their Sumdog. We have started learning about subtraction with regrouping. When I went to elementary school many years ago, subtraction with regrouping involved borrowing and crossing out. Subtraction isn't taught the same way anymore and those terms aren't used anymore, but the process of subtracting is the same.

Nov. 22
The lightbulb has been replaced so we are back in business with Bedtime math.

Nov. 11, 2014
We have been working on ALEKS and Sumdog in class. The overhead project light bulb in my classroom needs to be replaced so the projector won't work. We have been waiting for a week for the light bulb change and are hoping our wait time is almost over. Then we will be back to Bedtime Math. The students are working hard on their math fluency with Sumdog or working on new math skills in ALEKS.

Oct. 26, 2014
The school purchased a specific number of ALEKS subscriptions. This is going to allow the second graders to work on third grade math curriculum on an individual basis as they have time in their classroom and at home. To participate, the students must meet certain scoring criteria. We are in the midst of that placement test and will be done by Parent-Teacher Conferences. ALEKS is not focused as much on problem solving but it does a great job of explaining various math skills so it will compliment the second grade math curriculum and Bedtime Math. The students participating will have their own password and login as ALEKS assesses each participant to see what skills he/she knows and which skills need to be taught.

Oct., 2014
The second graders did a fabulous job in the Sumdog competition for students in the Quad Cities area. Jeorgia earned 45th place out of more than 700 students in grades 1-6. The students can access Sumdog anytime they have internet access. Each has their own password and login. Sumdog keeps a record of the skills each does well and the skills that each needs to work on next so the math problems are differentiated by individual.

Sept., 2014

This group started because the participants excelled in second grade math but aren't ready to be moved to third grade math. We will be working on problem solving since that is such an important part of being a skilled thinker. We are using the Bedtime Math series for now. I like this series because it has interesting trivia information. There is critical information to read before one can solve the problem. There is usually a visual, either a picture or video clip, related to the information. There are 4 levels of difficulty in the problem to be solved and a few bonus questions.
After awhile, we will set aside Bedtime Math and move on to a different problem solving series.